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Three student awards will be given for the first, second, and third places for the best student research. Students can apply for the award by submitting an application in the registration process. The awards will be based on an article. To be considered for the student awards, in addition to the abstract, the student must send to isfus2014@live.com a manuscript in PDF, which is formatted for possible publication in Fungal Biology. This manuscript, if not already submitted or recently published in a scientific journal, will be considered for publication in the ISFUS Special Edition.

Observation: The student must send a full manuscript according to Fungal Biology authors’ instructions.  The manuscript must be in English; if the student needs assistance with the English, Alder’s English Services will give a 10% discount for revision or translation.

The student must attach to this document a confirmation letter or document from the university that the student is regularly registered. The manuscript plus the university document must be sent in only one PDF document. The PDF file of the manuscript must be named with the full name of the student in capital letters.

The manuscript will be accepted only if the student is the first author. Only undergraduate and graduate students (master and PhD) may enter the competition.

The student may submit only one manuscript to the student competition. The winning students must present a 15-minutes talk at ISFUS. The winning manuscripts may be published after peer review in the special issue organized by the committee.

The winners will be announced in the opening ceremony.

  •  Elsevier Bronze Award US$ 200

  •  Elsevier Silver Award US$ 300

  •  Elsevier Gold Award US$ 500

Additional Comments:

Elsevier Award(s) will be made upon agreement between three or four Evaluators, and according to the highest mark obtained (this must be above 70% for bronze award, above 80% for silver award, and above 90% for gold award). In case of tie, the students may receive the same prize and the prize money will be divided accordingly. In the case the scores of all submissions are lower than 70% the Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide that no award(s) will be issued with the agreement of ELSEVIER.



APRIL 1st, 2019

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