Social Program

Our experience tells us that a side trip after the meeting is very productive, while the speakers are relaxing. In addition, the speakers become better acquainted with each other. After the first ISFUS meeting in 2014, most speakers went to the beach in São Sebastião, São Paulo, and several collaborative publications among the speakers were due to that trip.  The second ISFUS the organizers arranged a short trip to Pirenópolis in the state of Goiás, where there are several water falls and we did a trekking in the mountains. Therefore, we strongly suggest all speakers as well as participants of this meeting join us on this excursion.

For the ISFUS 2019, we have organized a excursion to the city of São Sebastião. We found a very nice hotel in front of the beach that is called Vista Bela Resort (in English Beautiful View). The entire hotel has been reserved for our group. Below the map you can see where you will arrive in Guarulhos International Airport, the city of São José dos Campos and we will rent a bus to drive to the SP 099 to Caraguatatuba then São Sebastião. See map below.


See the red mark in the bottom of the map. Is where we will stay.




We will stay in this hotel from May 24 to 26 then the bus will drive all speakers back to the Guarulhos International Airport on Sunday May 26th.

Below the pictures, hotel and breakfast.