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São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil is a center of science and advanced technology research and manufacturing. In addition to making aircraft (Embraer and Boeing) and satellites, the city is home to a modern industrial complex specializing in companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunications sectors.

This prosperity is facilitated by São José’s strategic location in the Vale do Paraiba, between the major centers of São Paulo (80 km) and Rio de Janeiro (320 km). Beautiful touristic locations are also located nearby such as the beach at Ubatuba and São Sebastião (100 km) and the mountain city of Campos do Jordão (80 km).

With about 700,000 inhabitants, São José is modern without losing the good characteristics of a small city.  With its high per capita income, São José dos Campos is a safe and secure city that offers a wide variety of stores and services. The community also has extensive green areas with parks, ecological reserves, and mountains.

How to reach São José dos Campos

By Air

São José dos Campos is only 70 km from Guarulhos International Airport, the main international airport in Brazil.  Taxi or bus service is available from there to São José.

There is also a small airport in São José dos Campos with limited domestic flights.

By Car

The city is easily accessed by car because the Rodovia Presidente Dutra, the primary highway linking São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, runs directly through São José.

Hotel Accommodations

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ISFUS organizers will not contact you directly (phone call or e-mail) to make a reservation. Hotel resellers may contact you with fraudulent offerings of hotel rooms at significant discounts. They are not endorsed by or affiliated with the meeting. Do NOT give them your credit card information. Be aware that entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed companies can have costly consequences.

The ISFUS Organization Committee will provide high quality hotel accommodation for reasonable budget. For this reason we have blocked a limited contingent of rooms at Hotel Ema Palace for the speakers.

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Because the hotel Emma Palace is relatively small, we reserved for the participants the Hotel Urupema  in São José dos Campos.

Both hotels are in the same neighborhood. We recommend booking the blocked rooms with ISFUS Organization Committee ( until March 30th 2019.